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Is this normal? Is this a big deal?

Normal is relative for all of us. Many parents don't notice areas where their child may need some extra help until a teacher or relative points it out. Our children are growing and changing every day and it's not always easy to see struggle areas. If you have questions or concerns, let our therapists help you find the answers.


Can you really do therapy on a computer?

Teletherapy can provide the same quality of care with some wonderful extra benefits not possible when conducting therapy in a traditional clinic setting! Engaging students in a more familiar environment allows us to address the specific needs they encounter. Most families find that teletherapy is more convenient for their schedule and helps create a stronger base of knowledge to work on skills between therapy sessions. Our therapists are committed to providing a high standard of care for your child and providing excellent caregiver education and resource recommendations whether you are in our office or see us via teletherpy.


Won't my child just outgrow this?

Children grow and develop continually and every child is different. Our occupational therapists and speech and language pathologists are experts in determining where a child is at developmentally compared to the child's chronological age. After an evaluation, we are able to provide you with information on where your child is at and if they need therapy to work on a developmental skill that may be delayed.


What if my child needs multiple therapies?

Many children receive both speech and occupational therapy. Our therapists and SLPs work together closely so provide your child with the best possible treatment plan. Most of our kids love getting to work with more than one of our therapists and we see huge growth when kids are able to get help in all of the areas that they need.


How can I get an afterschool appointment?

We understand how difficult it can be to get children back and forth from school and appointments. Parents want to get their kids the services they need without disrupting their school day. The great thing about teletherapy is that we have therapists working from multiple time zones (and some who only work during those after-school hours!), giving us additional flexibility in providing these time slots that fill up so quickly in a traditional clinic.


Can you help with my child's IEP for school?

You can request a copy of any of your child's records whenever you need. Additinally, any of the therapists that your child regularly works with either at our clinic or via teletherapy can write a letter to the school based on their professional opinion. We understand that getting the services your child needs at school can be difficult and would be happy to help in any way we can!

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