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We have revolutionized how children can receive occupational therapy services!

Teletherapy allows for a flexible and innovative way to receive occupational and speech therapy services!

Our Speech and Language Pathologists are passionate about helping kids!

Literacy Assessments

Did you know speech therapy incorporates all parts of communication? If your child is struggling with reading fluency, reading comprehension, phonics, or spelling call us today.

What is

Occupational Therapy?

Did you know kids have a job?!? Yes, you read that right: a job and a very important one at that. Kids have the job, or occupation, of growing, learning, and developing. Want to know one of the best ways they do this? Play! Playing is literally the occupation of kids! So when kids aren't developing, growing, or learning in the ways pediatricians expect, they often refer kids to an occupational therapist for an evaluation. From there we can determine what extra help a child may need to continue doing their best at their very important job.

"Carrie engages my kids in fun and creative ways. They are always excited to see her in therapy!"


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The Fun in Function
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